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pinkiepony doesn’t deserve any of the crap a lot of people are putting her through. 

Hey, I just wanted to say that, in regards to the MLP porn being compared to the Homestuck porn, I do agree that it's an illogical comparison, I've always thought that and never quite understood that argument, but, I do think MLP porn can be compared to porn of things like Pokemon, Adventure Time, Spongebob Squarepants, etc. Personally, I don't have a problem with porn being made of these things, but, I do agree that at the very least it needs to become much harder to find than it currently is.

Hey, sorry, I’m the same anon who sent the ask about the MLP porn thing, and I’d just like to say that you can probably ignore most if it, as I think I wrote most of it without seeing the second pictures, but, I think I did say something about porn of pokemon and stuff, and I kind of still stand by that, like, people keep arcing up about pony porn, which is fine, but they don’t arc up about porn of things like pokemon, which my younger sister, 9 at the time, has found porn of before.

While I also know and agree that there is porn of pretty much everything out there (we all know Rule 34) and it can be seen by children sometimes, I think it’s time to learn we have a responsibility as fans to make our nsfw art less accessible to children as it is being dished out in much heftier quantities than other cartoon porn. We share this fandom with little girls, and if we don’t want to be seen as the bad guy, we must do all that is in our power to keep it safe for them. 


And that’s all, folks! With the recent takedown of Molestia, I see the flood of “Homestuck are just as bad” and, honestly, we’re not.

This kind of also turned into a “I am mad at the brony fandom” post. Which I am. C’mon. Be better than this. Don’t make a kid’s show the MOST masturbated to thing on the largest R34 site online. Don’t complain when your rape jokes get attacked. Be respectful sideline fans- don’t run screaming onstage, ripping off your pants and waving your cock around while insulting small girls. 

DISCLAIMER YES I KNOW NOT EVERY BRONY IS LIKE THIS. But honestly, you can’t say this is a “small part” of your fandom anymore. You cannot, in the wake of the backlash from Molestia, you cannot, when the statistics are flooded with ponies, you cannot, when the first thing people associate with your fandom is porn and misogyny. You need to make your fandom better. I have no problem with people enjoying the show, making fanart, making a con, running the charity y’all do- those are all great. I have a problem with the face of your fandom being this disgusting mess.

This my upset some of my followers, and I fear I my lose many of you to this, but fact are facts. I don’t want us to become the bad guys. We’re an underdog fandom, let’s not forget that. These are times when we need to remember. While I, myself, will continue my artwork, nsfw or otherwise, and continue to enjoy the show, I won’t allow myself to be caught up in anymore of the problem. I’m sorry, but these are things that needed to be said. I still love you all. <3

What the hell

This could be addressing so many things, but not now, only a few hours to prepare, must find my sonic and bowtie and YES I’M ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE, I’M JUST TOO EXCITED!!!

Working on tentacle pic (with a name like kwaken, I’m obligated) but now I must go and excite over Doctor Who!

wait what time is Doctor Who gonna be on PST?